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Frequently asked questions

It is a disease of the retina (retinopathy) of genetic origin. loss of sight gradually.
On sunny days it is very normal, but when it gets cloudy and night begins to fall is when it becomes difficult for her because her vision decreases a lot.
She's going to lose her vision little by little until she become blind.
It is an injection that is applied to each eye, a gene therapy.
In the bank accounts available in the Donations section, mobile sinpe or you can contact us.
This procedure will stop its degenerative damage and she will be able to see better.
Because she stared at the lights (like the sun) for a long time and it did not bother her, at nightfall she started to share with us that she was not able to see well.
A lot of effort, exams and appointments both in Costa Rica and in United States.
No es muy común, ya que pocos niños la padecen.

Donaciones para Abigail

Donaciones para Abigail


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